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Tesla’s Model S Is the Best-Selling Luxury Sedan in America

Fortune 3m ago earnings In a letter to investors yesterday, Tesla Motors said deliveries of its Model S electric sedan grew 76% in the fourth quarter. It also published a table (see below) that compared its flagship model’s annual sales

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Watch: The Drone Racing League Is Building an Insane New Sport

TIME 13m ago drones Car racing leagues like NASCAR get lots of slack for being boring. For outsiders, it’s tough to see the fun in watching people drive in circles again and again — even if they’re doing it at

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Apple Makes a Strong Case for Strong Crypto

Philip Elmer-DeWitt 2h ago  Apple It’s only Tuesday and already this week Apple has come out twice–guns a-blazing–against efforts by law enforcement agencies to weaken public-key encryption in the name of national security. The issue came up in the 60 Minutes interview

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Consumers on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: meh

Kirsten Korosec  • #Connected Cars  • 19m ago In-vehicle technology is big business—about $14.5 billion in projected revenues for this year alone, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Unfortunately, all that spending on the latest and greatest automotive electronics might not

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