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New York City debuts plans for upgraded subway cars with WiFi and USB chargers

Governor Andrew Cuomo talked up some ambitious plans for the future of the New York City Subway during an address to a crowd at Brooklyn’s Transit Museum this week. At the top of the list is the addition of 1,025

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15-Year-Old Boy Arrested Under Hacking Act

Fortune 35m ago A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Scotland over charges that he violated the U.K.’s anti-hacking regulations. “Following a search of a property in the Glasgow area on Tuesday, February 16, a 15-year-old male was arrested in

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$4.33 Million per American??

This social media post from Livesosa has gone viral in the past couple of days. Seems pretty simple and very enticing. They claim there is an easy solution to end poverty. It is to simply divide the Powerball winnings among

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Pizza Hut Wants to Help Its Employees Go to College

Benjamin Snyder 12m ago pubdesk Yum! Brands’ yum Pizza Hut is the latest company to announce a plan to help employees pay for college. Yum said Wednesday that it’s extending its partnership with Excelsior College to assist workers and their

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With “Big Food” under attack, this company wants to act small

Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison has been one of the most vocal industry executives when it comes to sounding the alarm on shoppers’ growing distaste for Big Food. The aversion from consumers has left many of the largest legacy food

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