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Americans Feel More Pressured by Job Competition Now—And They Like It

Fortune 53m ago pubdesk After the mass layoffs that plagued the financial recession, Americans have entered an era that seems even more threatening to their job stability: the creation of robots, outsourcing to other nations, a potential recession–all could lead

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Business Is Slowing Down

Fortune 29m ago technology Talk to any CEO these days, and you will hear about the need for speed. Change is accelerating. The future belongs to the fast. Disrupt yourself or be disrupted. If you snooze, you lose. But here’s

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Chipotle Standing on Sidelines on Minimum Wage Debate

Ben Geier 51m ago pubdesk The “Fight for 15” protests have been happening for a few years now, as fast-food workers are demanding a living wage. Big companies like McDonalds and Yum Brands are being targeted by protesters, but one

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