When two jobs become one: How to deal with a double workload


There’s a fine line between a busy day and feeling overwhelmed. Lately though, many of us think our workloads have taken an even bigger leap.

As our work hours stretch longer—up 4% from a regular day just four years ago—more than half of us now say our jobs have become too busy, according to a recent Staples survey of U.S. employees.

And it can get worse if your company is going through layoffs or churn. Suddenly, your boss unloads the extra job duties of an exiting employee onto you. Now you’ve got two jobs, but you’re still getting paid for one.

“When churn happens, they may find a replacement,” says career strategist and creator of Careerealism.com J.T. O’Donnell, but “they are not going to be able to find the right person immediately.”

That can leave you picking up the slack for the lack of quality bodies in the workplace. But…

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