The guy who quit Goldman Sachs in a NYT op-ed now wants to fix your 401(k)


Greg Smith is on a mission to fix the nation’s 401(k) problem. And this time he says he’s not going to quit.

Three years ago, Smith famously announced in a harshly worded New York Times Op-Ed that he was leaving Goldman Sachs. He accused the Wall Street powerhouse of regularly ripping off its clients, who traders often derided as “muppets.” He also said he was good at ping-pong.

Smith published a book with the same title as the Op-Ed about six months later, in which he offered some details, but not much, of misconduct at Goldman [fortune-stock symbol=”GS”] and elsewhere. (Goldman denied the charges.) And then Smith mostly disappeared.

Now he’s back. And this time, he’s taking on a much more intractable foe, the nation’s troubled retirement system. Last month, Smith joined Blooom, an Overland Park, Kansas-based firm that is looking to help people improve the performance of their…

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