New BMW gives drivers ‘gesture control’


Probably one of the biggest races going on in the auto industry is around technology. From developing self-driving cars to WiFi-connected automobiles, manufacturers are pushing hard to outdo each other. On Wednesday, BMW[fortune-stock symbol=”BMW”]upped the ante when it unveiled its new top-of-the-line 7 series – which comes equipped with “gesture control” and “self-parking” functionality.

Before you get excited thinking about how you might gesture when, say, a driver cuts you off, this “gesture control” functionality is limited. Instead of turning a knob or touching a screen, the driver is able to gesture with a hand or finger, tracing in the air a circle the right for raising the entertainment system’s volume. Tracing a circle to the left lowers the volume. Other hand gestures, captured by a visual sensor in the 7 Series cabin, can be edited to control a limited number of additional functions, such as accepting or declining…

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